Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sand, Sea and... Rain?

I arrived home this afternoon after spending two nights with a friend of my parents who lives in Penzance, in Cornwall. Nothing monumentally exciting, but it was a very pleasant couple of days - I read lots, wrote a bit, ate good food and saw some beautiful views. And I had gingerbread men for breakfast - what more could you want?

The main event of the trip, and the reason for our going in the first place, was to visit The Minack Theatre; an absolutely stunning open-air theatre built into the cliffs at Porthcurno, near Land's End, with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. (It also sold really scrummy vegan flapjack - bonus!) Now, in the pictures on the postcards, the Minack looks like this:

But as is so often the way, the weather was not on our side, and in reality, it looked like this:

Still beautiful, but not quite as practical, particularly once the rain had started to pour down in bucket-loads. So, sadly, the show - an excellent performance of Anthony Burgess's Cyrano de Bergerac - was called off during the interval for health and safety reasons (one of the actors had already slipped while trying to climb a ladder, and the rain didn't look like it was going to be letting up any time soon). A great shame, but they do say that every cloud has a silver lining - and believe me there were pleasantly of clouds! - and now my dad feels guilty and says he'll take me to see another play soon, which is very kind of him, and rather exciting.


One of my self-imposed tasks for the summer (see here) is to take more photographs, which I did with relative success. So I shall end this post with a few pictures I took.

Oh Cornwall, how I love you.

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  1. hahaha i love the photo comparison! it looks like an amazing place for a play though, and your photography is beautiful daisy:) xxx