Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Twenty Ways to Spend a Summer

I've got a whole month-and-a-bit of summer stretching out in front of me before I go back to school, and I would rather like to spend this time constructively. (That is, in ways which I will look back on in September and not regret.) So I've decided to make myself a to-do list.
  1. Write the story I promised my friend as a going-away present
  2. Buy myself some fabric paints, and use them
  3. Research universities
  4. Go and watch Love Never Dies
  5. Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at least twice more
  6. Blog - twice a week minimum
  7. Work on my strength and flexibility
  8. Take more photographs
  9. Tidy my room - properly
  10. Reorganise my room
  11. Re-alphabetise my bookshelf
  12. Go to the library more often
  13. Convince my family to go and watch a show in London (to be fair, they won't take a lot of convincing)
  14. Read more
  15. Write more
  16. Reorganise my iTunes and my computer folders
  17. Paint presents for my friends (to make up for the fact that I somehow managed to not write in any of their Leaver's Books)
  18. Go to a theme park
  19. Bake cakes
  20. Buy my textbooks for school, and do the small amount of homework/homework I've been given

Okay, so maybe that didn't make for the most fascinating reading. I apologise, I'll try harder next time - promise! For now, I shall leave you with this adorable hedgehog.

Cute baby animals make everything better, right?


  1. I was going to write something about your post, but then I got distracted by the cute porcupine in the bubble bath!!! So cute!!! Want to follow each other's blogs?

  2. awww the porkie! :P so cute.. why i called it a porkie i don't know :S anyway, your list is very constructive daisy and you should definitely stick to it and you'll never be bored ;)xxx

  3. @Bree: Haha, it's adorable, isn't it?! Sure, I've followed you. Nice blog! :)

    @Ronan: Well, it's as good a name as any I suppose! I've actually managed to stick to it quite well so far. I have a trip to Alton Towers planned for later in the summer (#18), took loads of photos with Hatty yesterday (#8), and deleted loads of old files I don't need from my computer (#16). So far, so good!