Sunday, 24 July 2011

Post the First.

First blog posts are a curious thing. One never knows quite what to put in them, and yet it would seem somehow wrong to jump straight in without some sort of acknowledgement that this is new territory.

I suppose a sensible way to begin would be to explain why I choose my name. This is something that always fascinates me when I'm reading others' blogs, and I can only assume that I am not the only one.

I have always liked comparisons between life and books. This is more due to the fact that I like books than because it suits my philosophy on life, but I like them nonetheless. And our lives are books, then what is social networking if not our analysis of those books - highlighting the parts we feel are important; scribbling notes in the margins where we feel comment is due. The contents of this blog are my figurative scribblings.

And now, having got over that first awkward hurdle, I shall post this, hope I haven't got it all completely wrong, and get on with real posts. AdiĆ³s!

(Oh, and by the way: vegan cookies to those who get the reference in the title.)

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